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About Trainer Kendra

Trainer Kendra (Kendra Mahon) is a Black Belt Kung fu Professional and Expert Fitness Trainer. She has been named Canada's Top Fitness Trainer as well published in 'The Best Calgary' as a Top Canadian Fitness Trainer. Trainer Kendra has been involved in fitness training and practicing martial arts for over 17 years. Her clients range from celebrities such as Brett Wilson from the TV show "Dragon's Den", top level executives, tech entrepreneurs and every day people. Kendra is third lineage in Wing Chun Kung Fu. Her Sifu, Brian Lewadny, was taught by the world-class Ip Man along with Bruce Lee. 

The Best Calgary Trainer Kendra

She is a level nine Black Belt Kung fu professional that will seriously kick start you into shape.

W. Brett Wilson

- Investor on Dragon's Den

Kendra is in the top of her field as a professional black belt martial artist, expert fitness trainer and top athlete - her fitness training is the best investment you can make for your health.

Marcus Glover

- Developer of McDonald’s advertising campaign:
‘I’m lovin’ it’

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