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Abs for Bikini

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Abs for Bikini

2 weeks until you need to put on a bikini and you're wondering what to do to look and feel good in your bikini? Well, lets start with how you feel. How you feel about yourself excudes in your persona, body energy and overall body language. Confidence from the inside out will make you feel good and translate into looking good. To begin to gain that deeper confidence, you need to start doing things that make you feel good about yourself. Eating well, getting plenty of rest, being kind and helping others when you can all add to the secret ingredient to looking great. If you feel good on the inside, you will look good on the outside, regardless of your body shape, hair style or nail color.

From a physiological perspective, to get those tight bikini abs - it's going to take a bit of commitment to eating a balanced diet and some hard (but rewarding) workouts. Chances are, like healthy humans do - you have abs under a layer of healthy normal fat. By burning away at that layer, overall fat loss will help you define those sexy abs. Cardio is an excellent way to burn the fat and calories that are holding you back from your bikini abs. The more intense the workout, the more fat you will burn making you more tight and defining specific areas of your body.

Cardio to Burn Fat

Cardio is an excellent calorie and fat burner. When combined with strength exercises, you can expect to get toned and in shape fast. Cardio helps you to live a longer and happier life and allows you to move about in a way that helps you go the distance. For a full body workout that you can do from home, check out my Exercise Program that is easy to follow and will help you stay in fantastic shape. Cardio in general is great for burning the fat around your abdominal area that is otherwise hard to eliminate. One of the important reasons why people start a cardio exercising routine is because it can help you lose belly fat, strengthen the heart muscle, reduce the risk of disease and improve lung capacity. Furthermore, cardio will help you naturally boost energy, it's great for mental health, will help you better sleep and helps keep the immune system stay strong and healthy. When done on a regular basis, not only can regular cardio exercise lead to improved resting blood pressure and heart rate but will contribute to longevity in your life. The benefits of cardio go beyond just your heart, it affects your entire body


Diet: A diet clean with water rich foods, green veggies, and clean protein will help dramatically with seeing your abs. Some would say Abs are made in the kitchen, however you also need a training routine to get the results you need. It's also important to focus on overall fat loss rather than spot reduction and pair your diet with regular physical activity. We all know people who sweat it out in the gym every day but still can’t get a six-pack. You can work out all you want but if your diet’s not on point, you won’t see results. As they say, abs are made in the kitchen so don't waste your time working out hard to sit back and plow down 5 cheesburgers if your in a crunch to get fit.

To create chiselled abs most of us need to cut back on calories. However, to do this effectively you need to start tracking what you are eating to ensure you’re getting enough protein to fuel your workout recovery, but not eating so much that you’re unable to shift that layer of flab separating you from your dream body. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to cut right back on sugar, simple carbs (such as bread and pasta), fried foods and alcohol, and to replace them with plenty of vegetables, lean proteins, foods rich in healthy fats (such as oily fish, avocado and nuts), and wholegrains and pulses. Start by building your diet around your protein intake. Not only will tossing in a few chicken breasts, some low-fat milk and protein shakes to fill in any gaps in your diet keep you full for longer, your body actually burns more calories breaking down protein than it does other foods. Additionally it’ll help fuel your muscles, which raises your metabolism and helps you burn fat more efficiently.

Working Out

Many women do not start training abs because they think they'll have to do extremely hard exercises or have to use difficult to manage machines. This is just simply not the case. You can do easy and not so hard exercises at home to get those tight and sexy bikini abs. The following abdominal workouts are not hard at all, but are extremely effective. Forget about special ab machines. This routine contains different planks, crunches, sit-ups, leg raises and at the end some really good vertical cardio ab exercises. These workouts train the entire core muscles, obliques and lower back. In addition, it contains some exercises which are really good to burn belly fat and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Core strength is crucial for your overall fitness and helps to improve balance and stability. And, fortunately, once you start to see your abs, the more you'll see them and be more inspired to workout. So get started today, there is no need to keep putting it off. The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll see those abs! And again, to emphasize, another important key to looking lean and showing stomach muscles is cardio, cardio, and more cardio. I suggest mixing up your routine and doing intervals instead of slow steady cardio. This way your body is burning more calories to the change in pace. So you can achieve more results in a shorter period of time. So that means whatever type of cardio you choose pick time intervals to go hard then ease off, then hard again for at least 20-60 minutes. You will see a leaner stomach faster this way. For beach-ready abs, I recommend full-body workouts, starting with these moves. They’re all static and perfect for beginners—they’ll build up the strength in your abdominals before moving on to more advanced exercise:

  1. Sit on your hands and prop up on your elbows.

  2. Hold legs straight out.

  3. Pump legs in and out.

  1. Sit on your hands and prop up on your elbows.

  2. Hold legs straight out.

  3. Lift legs up and down.

  1. Sit on your hands and prop up on your elbows.

  2. Hold legs straight out.

  3. Rotate legs in circles, both directions.

  1. Sit on your hands and prop up on your elbows.

  2. Hold legs straight in the air.

  3. Cross legs over eachother.

  1. Sit on your hands and prop up on your elbows.

  2. Hold one leg in and one leg out.

  3. Alternate legs kicking out.

  1. Place feet straight up.

  2. Alternate touching your toes.

  3. Keep shoulders off the ground.

  1. Place feet straight up.

  2. Touch your toes while crunching.

  3. Keep shoulders off the ground.

  1. Place feet as close to the glutes as possible.

  2. Place hands between your legs.

  3. Reach and crunch.