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Abs for Men

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We All Want Strong, Ripped Abs

Guess what, you already have a six pack - you just can't see it yet. Some men need to work their body to the extreme before they show abs, while other men seem to get theirs ripped without a single sit up. Regardless of the way your body behaves on the fitness spectrum, consistant training and using Abs for Men Fitness Program will help you reach your goals and get those shredded abs. It's nice to have strong, defined abs to help you feel good and confident as you go about your life. Strong abdominal muscles can do your body a world of good, helping to maintain good posture and preventing lower back pain and aches. Your abs play a large part in supporting your back and also affecting the tilt of your pelvis - meaning the stronger your abs, the stronger support in your body. I'm going to cover a multitude of effective ab exercises that are easy and effective. The following 8 ab exercises are non-invasive and will help you build and maintain strong and defined abs for the rest of your life.

  1. Sit on your hands and prop up on your elbows.

  2. Hold legs straight out.

  3. Pump legs in and out.

  1. Sit on your hands and prop up on your elbows.

  2. Hold legs straight out.

  3. Lift legs up and down.

  1. Sit on your hands and prop up on your elbows.

  2. Hold legs straight out.

  3. Rotate legs in circles, both directions.

  1. Sit on your hands and prop up on your elbows.

  2. Hold legs straight in the air.

  3. Cross legs over eachother.

  1. Sit on your hands and prop up on your elbows.

  2. Hold one leg in and one leg out.

  3. Alternate legs kicking out.

  1. Place feet straight up.

  2. Alternate touching your toes.

  3. Keep shoulders off the ground.

  1. Place feet straight up.

  2. Touch your toes while crunching.

  3. Keep shoulders off the ground.

  1. Place feet as close to the glutes as possible.

  2. Place hands between your legs.

  3. Reach and crunch.

Abs and Sports

Whether your practicing martial arts, playing tennis, baseball, football or racing a car - having good core strength helps you transfer more power to your limbs. This helps you to throw the ball farther, punch harder, drive further, skate faster and run longer. In order to produce this force, you need a strong spine and core that is neutral and stabilized. Exercises that cause you to stabilize teach your body how to react in sports performance or life situations where you need it – running, jumping, and any other situation that requries a quick reaction. Dynamic crunches or situps (done without equipment) can aid in performance results meaning: Having strong upper, mid and lower level abs plays a huge part in how you will perform athletically

Abs for Posture

A strong core can improve your posture. The way you stand and sit will impact how you feel on a daily basis. Ideal posture places the least amount of compression on the back as possible, resulting in minimum wear and tear on the spine. Bad posture occurs when your pelvis tilts forward, causing an exaggerated spinal curve. Strengthening the core will correct bad posture by distributing weight evenly throughout the body. Doing core exercises that build the abdominal wall, open up the hip flexors, and strengthen the lower back puts a person in better posture so they feel better and life is just easier for them. In daily living and during exercise the importance of maintaining neutral hips, meaning a standing person should have a slight curve in their lower back and their belly button shouldn’t come forward. To ensure neutral hips, pull the belly button up towards the ribs, or ribs toward the belly button. Imagine lifting the belly button and ribs towards one another. That helps achieve a tall posture. A strong core helps prevent lower-back pain, greatly improves mobility and strength in the hip joints, thigh muscles and glutes. Having stong healthy abs not only prevents back pain, it can also relieve the aches realated to a "sore back". Core strength improves peoples awareness of performing every day movements such as lifting a simple box, bending over gardening, or just sitting at a desk because maintaining a straight spine becomes a subconscious reflex over time. A strong core will also improve your posture which will make you taller and feel more confident. Posture is important because the way you stand and sit will over time, impact how you feel and look on a daily basis.

The Anatomy of Your Abs

If you want to get strong ripped abs, it's important to have a foundation of knowledge as to which part of your abs you're working.

Upper Abs:

To specifically target your upper abs, your objective is to focus on exercises that involve pulling your chest towards your pelvis. Sure, they'll hit your whole core, but they'll work and develop upper abs too.

Middle Abs:

Part of the rectus abdominis, your 'six-pack' muscles, the middle abs are crucial for flexing your spine and bringing your pelvis and ribcage closer. Get your middle ab exercises right and you'll be building a stronger core from the get-go.

Lower Abs:

Your lower abs are vital for maintaining strength across your whole core. For people losing weight, their lower abs are often the last to emerge.