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Welcome to the Home Workout Program. I am a Two Gold stripe, Black Belt Kung fu Instructor and Expert Fitness Trainer with over 17 years experience in martial arts and the fitness industry.  In this home workout blog article, you are going to learn how to get into the best shape of your life.  You will learn:

1.Warmup Exercises
2. Abs Workout
3. Strength and Push Ups
4. Cardio
5. Cooldown
6. Stretching

I have a motto, "Learning to fight for your life is the best and most intense workout". This Home Workout will get you into excellent shape from home and teach you how to use your arms and legs in a self defense manner. These skills will benefit you for life.  Suddenly, you will find your arms and legs become self defense tools that you can use to protect yourself or someone you know. For an expansive and full version of my home workout, I encourage you to watch the Home Workout Video to learn the entire workout from home.

In future blog articles, I will be covering seven different categories of fitness.  Beginning with the Warm-up.  The warm-up is very important because it prepares your body and warms up your muscles and joints to prepare yourself for the workout.  This helps you not get injured when you're exercising.  The warm-up also  helps you feel good and flexible through something called dynamic stretching.  Dynamic stretching is dynamically stretching the muscles and joints as well as starting the blood flow throughout the entire body.  We are going to work from your head to your feet working on all the joints to prepare them for the movements and the ability to keep up and do the workout safely. 

After the warm-up, we will focus on the abs workout.  We are going to focus on strengthening your core which includes your abs, your back muscles, your obliques, and everything between your neck and below the bellybutton. Abs are important because they help protect your vital organs in that area such as the liver, stomach, spleen, kidneys and so on. Abs help you look good and feel good. These exercises are easy to do and effective as I will be teaching you soemething called 'micro crunch technology' which focuses on the least amount of movement, yielding the highest results.

Moving from the Abs Workout, we will be switching to Push-ups.  Push-ups will help you to be strong, stay strong, and get stronger.  We're going to go over a multitude of different variations of push-ups that are going to meet your needs and more. There are many different variations of push-ups.  There are: regular push-ups, push-ups holding midway, lower level and all the way to the top.  There's push-ups on your knees and there's something called patty cake pushups - which will enable you to release one hand and push up that way.

The next exercise I will teach you is Cardio.  In the cardio blog, we will explore basic front kicks, punches and other cardio exercises that will get your heart rate up and warm the muscles even more.  Cardio is important because it helps your lungs, it helps your muscles and it helps the flow of energy throughout your entire body. Cardio also helps burn calories and help burn body fat.  The combination of cardio, with core and strength, leads to  a complete  full-body workout which leads me to the topic of Combined Cardio.  Combined cardio is the combination of the abs workout, push-ups and punching and kicking to create a combination of strength and cardio

The follow-up blog article will be teaching the importance of Cooldown, which is much like the warm-up.  The cooldown brings the muscles back to a state of relaxation and allows you to really feel the workout and absorb everything that was done during the workout.  The cooldown is also important because it works the joints from head to the toe - and again, and bringing everything back into a state of calm balance.

The final part of the home workout I will teach you effective and non-invasive Stretching exercises.  Stretching is very important because it creates physical  freedom in your body and once your muscles are warm, it's much easier to stretch and to release any tension in your body.  Stretching has been known to release negative energy from the muscles and keep your body in tune and feel good.  Stretching makes sure you are not sore the next day.  Instead, the next day, you'll be ready, excited and feeling good when you get out of bed.